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About Humoveh

Hum’oveh is a vibrant new concept combining the flavors of the Middle East with the highest-quality, freshest ingredients. Inspired by Middle Eastern street food, mouthwatering stuffed flatbreads take centerstage at Hum’oveh alongside hearty entrée platters. Grilled to crispy perfection and loaded with savory fillings like spiced beef, marinated chicken, or feta and spinach, Hum’oveh’s “M’Anoush” sandwiches pack a satisfying punch. The beef, chicken shish kebab and other chef-prepared meats meanwhile put a fresh, new spin on the protein bowl. A vegetarian’s delight, Hum’oveh also features delectable mezze such as spicy feta dip, hummus, and eggplant dip. Hum’oveh (“tasty”) brings the bold and the delicious to High Street Place.

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